Who We Are

DISCOVERY SEMINARS is a unique series of personal growth seminars that will teach you tools that can have a profound effect on your life.  Achieve personal goals.  Deepen and heal relationships.  Create more opportunities for happiness and fulfillment.  When you apply these tools to your life you can achieve what you want more of in YOUR life. 

ASK YOURSELF Is what I'm doing today getting me closer to what I want tomorrow?   What do I want more of in my life? What would life look like for you if you were more mindful and living in the present instead of the past?

  • Connect and Design Seminars

    Discovery Seminars is a three-part seminar that includes two follow-up weekends.  These weekends are known as Connect Seminar and Design Seminar where additional tools are presented and integrated with all that was learned in Discovery Seminar. Connect and Design Seminars are all about communication and relationship skills.  During these weekends you will better understand yourself  and why you do the things you do, as well start to understand your relationships.  You will also discover your words to your purpose!

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  • Teen Camp & Family Training

    Teen Camp and Family Training is for ages 10-16 years and is similar to the adult seminar. The teen portion is from Monday through to Friday and is filled with processes to encourage and guide your children to discover who they are. They will learn new tools to help them accomplish more of what they want in life while discovering and changing patterns that are not working for them. In order for your child to attend our Teen and Family camp one or both parents have to attend Discovery 5-day seminar.

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  • Discovery Eagle

    Is a stepping stone program that has been set up for our First Nation communities. Once an individual has completed Discovery, Connect and Design there is three levels to our Discovery Eagle Program. If you would like to hear more about the stepping stones then we encourage you to reach out and give us a call at the office 403-650-6249.

  • Discovery Adventure

    Once you have completed Discovery, Connect and Design Seminars. Discovery Adventure is a place where people that enjoy doing like minded events and adventures can get together and explore things that are interesting to them such as hiking, biking, skiing, quilting, walking.... the list is endless.

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