Discovery Seminar

Where the journey begins, Discovery Seminars is ideal for ages 18+ and is the starting point for all other seminars offered excluding Teen Camp.

What do you want more of in your life?

Achieve work/life balance
Improve personal relationships
Achieve personal goals
Learn tools in decision making
Heal the past
Find joy

DISCOVERY Seminar begins on a Wednesday at noon and continues exploring and creating your own list of personal life principles right through until Sunday evening. 

Everyone is unique, and their life journey is as unique as each individual.  And like each individual DISCOVERY Seminar is an incredibly personal journey that will tailor itself to your personal life experiences.  Each participant will discover their own individual truth and exciting surprises!  Though we guarantee every individual will receive value from this experience.  It’s impossible for the people who have been before to tell you what you will receive from DISCOVERY Seminar. You will find your own growth moments, not necessarily what they found. What it will do, for everyone, is create value in your life.

​As you participate you will discover things about yourself that will excitedly startle even the most skeptical. It is hard work and joyful work as we delve into our own lives and patterns. You will have a learning buddy with you for much of the journey, and you will each discover uniquely personal but different insights even while you are doing the very same exercise. It’s truly amazing.​

There are no secrets about DISCOVERY Seminar, but there are a few surprises that we won’t tell you because we don’t want to spoil them for you. What we can tell you is that we will guide you through several learning opportunities.  No one can tell you what you need to do to change your life, but we will provide a safe place for you to explore and choose which changes you want to make that will make a difference for you. And this wisdom will profoundly improve your life. 

The tools we teach are simple, however they can help you make incredible changes in your life.  How would your life be different if you could stop dragging your past regrets behind you? Do you know how different life can be when we simply learn to remember that there are more successful ways of doing almost everything we do? Each experiential activity will demonstrate  with simple changes you can radically impact your relationship with others. DISCOVERY Seminar offers a five-day opportunity to try out life changing skills in a safe environment that will teach you how to not let the past hold you hostage or let the fear of the future paralyze you. 

Does that sound too good to be true? Find out for yourself with a no risk money-back guarantee. 

You will do work with the full group, a smaller group with coaches, and with a learning buddy. The processes are varied and cover a wide range of topics all designed for one thing: How to get more enjoyment, peace, and freedom out of the rest of your life, whatever circumstances you find yourself in.​

Come and bring a curious mind about all the possibilities that are available to you. 

  • Connect Seminar

    CONNECT Seminar is the first of two follow-up weekends that are provided to magnify and reinforce the tools you uncovered during  DISCOVERY.  CONNECT Seminar also introduces the personality tools, communication tools and letting go of negative self talk.  For many participants that is one of the most popular events of all.

    This weekend goes from Friday evening through to late Sunday afternoon of the week that another group is taking the Discovery week.  You get to come back and reconnect with the friends you made and with your learning buddy.  You get to keep building your life-skills manual and have a boatload of fun doing it.  Most seminar style learning events are one and done.  DISCOVERY Seminars wants you to keep learning and keep reinforcing so that lives truly change for good.

  • Design Seminar

    DESIGN Seminar is the third weekend event in the Discovery series.  Like CONNECT, it runs from Friday evening until late Sunday afternoon, at the same time as all the other programs run.  Again, the purpose of the weekend is to magnify and reinforce the tools you have already been introduced to, and much more.  The highlight of DESIGN is to help you discover your purpose statement will guide your life and actions from that day forward.  This not only gives you an incredible sense of purpose but keeps you focused on how to live each day focussed on what is important to you.

    The blend of the three seminar series is designed to keep everyone connected, growing, and appreciating the fullness that life has to offer.

    BE Curious!

    BE Accountable!

    BE Connected!

    Be Joyful!

    Be You!