Our Team


    Welcome to Discovery Seminars!

    We want to encourage you to be curious!

    I am curious about SO many things.  One of my biggest curiosities is, what could we accomplish in society and the  world if we provided an environment of love,  understanding and tools, for people to excel and live their dreams?

    I am an inquisitive woman inspiring and supporting others to live their best life!


    I continue to be curious about personal development.  I love when I discover the reason behind behaviors. 

    I am a strong and confident woman loving and caring for people so they can be their best!


    I continue to be curious about the things I have yet to learn.  I'm fully aware that I don't know everything so I keep my eyes open to discover what is the next learning surprise.  

    I am a proud and courageous man encouraging others to finish well!


    I am curious about learning more about enhancing existing relationships and building future ones with those with a different perspective.

    I am a proud and confident man inspiring trust and confidence in others, by accepting and encouraging them to be themselves.


    I'm curious as to why people keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result.  Easier to hang on to old habits?  It's a choice to make a change and it takes commitment.

    I am a committed loving man, creating value by caring for the people and the world we live in.


    I am always curious about how a single act of kindness can have a profound impact.

    I am a fearless man. sharing love, value and kindness so that we may live authentically.


    I am curious about life and "why" we do the things we do.  If we knew more about ourselves would we still sabotage areas of our life or would  we fight harder to have more of what we want.  Watching people stand strong in themselves, believe in themselves, and strive to be their best is my passion.

    I am a strong, confident woman, peacefully loving myself and others into the grace of God!


    I continue to be curious about why people keep doing things that they know are not working for them in their relationships, what makes up our comfort zone?  How did we decide what was comfortable for us?

    I am a deserving woman, supporting others through my love and respect!