• Life changing experience! Everyone deserves to go to Discovery Seminars and explore the possibilities. Life can get better. Do the work! It's worth every penny!!

    -Janeth Vasquez

  • This entire seminar has helped me to be a joyful, worthy woman! It let me unhook the trailer containing the hurt, pain and trauma that I have been carrying for years.

    -R. Shepherd

  • Discovery Seminars has shown me a way to live my life with purpose. Through the processes taught I feel free from all the burdens and can love myself and be free to love unconditionally.

    Thank you so much!


  • Discovery Seminars is the best thing I never knew I needed!

    -Brandon Brown

  • I had no idea what to expect when I stepped into the room the first day, but I'm so glad I did because I'll never forget the experience that came afterwards.

    -Chris S

  • In our marriage we have done many "self-help" avenues for many years. We also seen counsellors for years. I found these 5 days has the most powerful impact in my healing journey - an answered prayer!


  • I had my doubts walking in. I did not think anything or anyone could help me. I couldn't even help myself. The future looked bleak. The first day I still felt the same. Then, the days following I was astounded by how I was feeling and the changes happening that I thought were impossible. I am so grateful for Discovery Seminars for helping me finally feel optimistic for the future. Thank you

    -Stephanie H.

  • This seminar literally saved my life and gave me my future back. I have so much love and support in my life now.


  • I came to find tools to fix my marriage. I was given tools to be a better person, which will allow my to fix my marriage.

    -Philip Troyer